Sunday, September 21, 2008

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Well it seems like MME may be down for a while. My system is slowly crashing site by site. I cant open my photoshop and typing on anything other then note pad is all screwed up. I cant get anything to work right. I am going to try to change my hard drive and reload my programs but this may take me a few days to do. So for those who like my designs please bear with me on this one and pray I get it up again

Lady Shannon

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Anonymous said :
9/22/08, 3:48 PM
Hugss my friend hope all goes well as I know what it is like to have your computer crash on you I wish you well and hope you are up and running soon bless you and all your hard work and time. Your friend Kat from New Zealend
Lauralee said :
9/23/08, 1:45 AM
hang in will be missed
hope you get it fixed soon

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