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Monday, January 19, 2009

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This is my little brother. He is in a program where he trains dogs while he is in prison.

This is him before he was sent to prison 2 summers ago

This is him and I together as kids

And this is him at age 15

Chuck tells me that he is so lonely where he is. He tells me that he stays in his cell so he will stay out of trouble. He says that I'm a bad sister for not trying to help him out by getting him a few pen pals. Well I have gone to a few sites for prison pen pals and the few good ones want a fee. I'm not paying a fee and not knowing if anyone has written him. He says he would love to get mail from anyone. He would love to learn about other people in other countries or even get a few pics.

So I ask you, If you are a kind hearted soul and would love to help a young man get thru his long and lonely days, please feel free to write him.

And for those who do.... GOD BLESS YOU!


His address is:

Charles F. See
P.O.Box 56
Lebanon Ohio 45036
UPDATE: I was asked to tell a little bit about chuck... here is my reply.

hi there... Thanks for getting back to me. Chuck is age 30 and has turned 18-and 21 behind bars. He was sent to jail because he was stealing cars here in Dayton Ohio and taking them across state lines to Chicago ill where I was living at the time. that was a long time ago.

He was sent to jail the first time when he was 17. he spent 10 years in jail and when he got out of jail hooked up with a young lady who ended up not liking her mom to much. From what I understand his girlfriend got into it with her mother and her mom called the law and he (and she) were busted again. He was sent back to jail on a probation violation and has to finish 5 more years. Hes been in about 2 years now. I'm not going to make excuses for him. He messed up and should do his time for it. But I can only imagine how lonely it must be. He tells me he stays in his cell alot so as to not get into trouble while in there but then again who knows.

I know more about him from before jail. He has been inside for a long long time and with a handicapped child on my hands I have got to say that I had other things on my mind other then weather or not he was doing well.

He would love to get a letter from anyone but I think it would tickle him to death to get a letter from somewhere other then Dayton Ohio. In a way I guess it would be a way for him to believe he is seeing the world.

I do know he wanted me to look up the year 1989. claims he is working on a project with it to keep himself busy. (Got me? I have no clue as to

Yes that is the address to where he is. Im sure there isn't anything I am missing. I don't believe that you would need to add anything to it to get to him.


Charles F. See
PO Box 56
Lebanon Ohio USA

Lady Shannon


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