Friday, August 21, 2009

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Hello Joscelyn, Thanks for your interest in my "The eyes have it" embellishment but every time I try to email it to your 'Hotmail' addy it gets bounced back.


"Thank you so much for your interest in my designs! Please remember that a little bit of luvin goes a long way to keeping designers like me offering you great freebies like these!"

Please be sure to visit me at the forum!

If you use a freebie of mine with the intention of placing it for sale, my design MUST be altered in some fashion. DO NOT SELL MY DESIGNS AS IS! My designs may be used in a kit or package intended for sale in its org form ONLY if proper credit is given to me as the designer of the items in question. These TOU are subject to change at any time

I dont try to still peoples work because its been done to me before and thats a shitty feeling, and also one of the reasons I DONT SELL my designs. Im old, have a handicapped son at home that sometimes drags me away from what Im doing and sometimes sh*t just happens and I forget things. Since my last PC crash I have tried to be better with keeping things backed up on disk but again sh*t happens. So please... PLEASE... If there is a design of my that is in question please email me and tell me about it so I can look into it. Im not asking you to do the work for me just let me know I missed something and I will gladly fix it and give back a shout to that person or designer.Thanks people....

Lady Shannon

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