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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

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Well hello there friends.  I'm just sitting here thinking.  I cant seem to get any creative ideas.  It s*x man ... I just seem to be blocked.  I have a few designs Im going to be posting soon.  Just didnt want to over load my blog.  Anyway, Im sitting here and just cant seem to think of anything not even after going thru all my Google readers.  Not even then can I come up with any ideas.  I know the holidays are coming up and there are lots of things to be made but I just cant seem to think of anything new or exciting or even different.  See, Im blocked.  Bummer. 

My son is doing well.  We are in the "Christmas Count Down".... lol  This means every time he sees me he has to tell me how many days let till the big day!  As if I could ever forget that!  lol  He wants video games for the PS1-2 game system.  Dragonball Z type games ... lol ... Now I can tell him that I have told the world.  Think he will give me a break now ... lol ... yea right ... hehehe

 My best friend moved in with me a couple of months ago.  He is truly the man in my heart and he knows it.  We have a total of 8 cats. 

Bitbit Is the oldest cat.  Shes about 5 years old with me.  She was a stray I took in to kill mice.   She could have been 1 or 2 even then.  Now she had 1 litter and Albert is the only one I kept.  Them I have MissyMissy and shes just a little bit touched in the head.  She had been abandoned in an empty houst.  We believe she was there in that house for more then 3 months.  When I found her on my door step she was missing the tip of one ear.  Her paw seemed to be twisted some, she had no hair from the waist down.  The skin was red and inflamed and sore looking.  I just couldnt let her sit out there and get hurt by the other strays out side.  No sooner then she starts to get better then on the door step was this little black cat.  This poor little thing was having trouble breathing.  Damn I just took another cat in.... Im becoming a cat lady.  By this time they all owned my heart.  But damn if this prego shows up and i take her in too.  Thats Deva.  A month later we had 4 more kittens.  Deva killed 2 of the four kitties.  We kept 2 of them and thats bear and emmy.  We got rid of Deva and to replace her I took in two more homeless kittens.  It was 30 degrees out side and I just couldnt let them freeze to death. 

Other then that nothing else is going on.....  lol

Missy Missy

Albert (Bits son)

Albert & Bitbit

Bitbit (Albert's mom)
Diva ( Bear & Emmy's mom)

Diva's babies ( Emmy, Bear, Cubby, Deon)
Bear (Diva's son)

   MissyMissy & VooDoo )

Emmy (Diva's girl )



Lady Shannon


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Edna B said :
11/29/10, 10:29 PM
My goodness, you certainly have a housefull!!! I am the same way though. When it comes to animals, I'm a push over. Your furry family is just beautiful!!!

I don't have lots of spirit this season either, but I'll make it through. I just keep busy playing around with my scrap designs and my photos.

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I'm wishing you a joyous Christmas.
Hugs, Edna B.

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