My time is coming to an end.....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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Hello my dear sweet friends.  I am writing this with a heavy heart.  Seems like my time on the internet is coming to an end for a while.  I just cant afford to keep paying for it right now.  I am going to try to work something out maybe with cable and get there net service but that could be up to 2 month without any online time.    Maybe everyone was right and I should have opened a store to sell my designs but I never believed that my things were sellable.  Most of the things I make are simple and can be made by others so why would they want to spend money on my things.  Anyway, I will keep this blog open and If I get the cable thing to work out I will be back on line before September ..... I hope.  I hope my friends will stick with me for that long.  I will be designing things while off line and will have a ton of stuff to share when I get back online.

I will miss you all very much,  If you want to reach me u still can at until the first of the month.

Love and miss u all....


Lady Shannon

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5/18/10, 11:26 AM
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwe sweetie I do know what you are going thru! just know I will be praying for you to get back asap and also know that I will miss you dearly...xoxoxo
Tammy Gary said :
5/18/10, 11:28 AM
I will miss you my Farming Friend! I understand, though, since I had to quit work and the waiting on disability things are tight! I am blessed by a great church and family.
I pray you will work things out and you should Never sell yourself short! Keep on designing!
r.mojca said :
5/18/10, 11:30 AM
Sorry to hear that, Shannon! But keep on designing and have fun with it!!!
Pink said :
5/20/10, 6:08 PM
Aww hunni so sorry, I will miss you! I do hope you return, maybe think about opening a store then. People don't always have time to design as well as scrap so will happily buy ready made items :) Keep on scrapping and I hope to see you back real soon! Take care hunni!
Pink xxx
Edna B said :
8/28/10, 2:37 PM
I'm just checking to see if you are back yet. The economy hasn't been so good this past year, so I understand well what you are going through. Keep on scrapping and designing though. I hope you are back real soon. Miss Tootsie and I miss you. Hugs, Edna B.
Lady Shannon said :
10/5/10, 11:11 AM
Thanks everyone... Its been hard going but I have some help now. Will post tomorrow a full post..... Love you guys too!

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