IM BACK .......... Did you miss me?

Thursday, October 07, 2010

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To all of you who have stayed around, I just want to say thank you.  I missed you guys and I missed designing.  I have some new things coming out soon like the designs  used in my 'welcome' sign.  I am hoping that things will continue to go my way, but for some damn unknown reason I always seem to f*ck myself over.  Its almost like something inside me is punishing the outside me.  
Awwwww weeeee ... lol
Anyway Im back and will be posting some of the new things I created while I was in off-line hell.  
Thanks  for sticking it out with me friends!

Lady Shannon

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Pink said :
10/12/10, 4:14 AM
Hey hunni, its so good to see you back with've been missed! I do hope your well hunni!
Pink xx

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